Well-fitting latex gloves are a must, as is a good water-based lubricant. Gloves protect the anus from scratching nails, and when the latex is well lubricated, it glides more easily over the skin. This means that it is easier for the person performing the massage and more comfortable and pleasant for the receiver. · Work daily for the home, for the children and for the welfare of the marriage: The vast majority of people who live together or get married are unaware that the relationship requires work. That is why life will catch them by surprise one day with situations that surprise them and set them apart because love was not enough. If one of the 2 or both are not ready to dedicate time to the relationship and work for it, this relationship will soon limp, then it will not walk and at some point it will be paralyzed and fall apart. Working on the relationship and the home and the children shows everyone that there is interest, there is purpose, there is enthusiasm and there is a future, which affects the confidence and self-esteem of everyone in the home.

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The way in which a person who is concerned about their spirituality, surrenders in an intimate moment, is somewhat different from that which does not give relevance to their inner planet, since an empty person does not have much to surrender. He walked over and loosened her belt and unzipped her. The clang echoed through the vehicle and she paused for a second to make sure David was still outside. The moment her hand wrapped around the developing member, Debra knew she would do anything Frank asked her to do.

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The man in this way, although uncomfortable in that pose, will be able to feel the woman's vagina and in a totally different way; care must be taken so that the man does not suffer any sudden injury to his penis. Do this pose comfortably in a suitable place such as a bed, a sofa or on the floor with blankets and under the responsibility of the couple who want to do it, remember that these poses, when they are so difficult and so complicated to do, must be advised by a expert like a doctor.

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I imagined, invented my own movie… I thought that, probably, if The Master hadn't been with me, he would have gotten up, tied my hands to the irons that protected the sides of the chimney and hid half of my body. inside her, leaving only the half view of me, being this way, without being able to see, without knowing, I would have scattered all the hot wax between my sex, my abdomen and my legs. I imagined shouting, shaking, forcing myself to be released… I thought… feeling how a sharp knife cleansed me and then someone, without knowing who, plunged his member into my sex, without hesitation, with the absolute need to unload, to humiliating myself by making me feel an object to deposit the semen and not dirty the rest of the furniture, an object where the sap of pleasure is deposited… I felt everything I thought, I wanted it to be real and it made me angry to be playing alone, with myself, playing games of children without more or more action, without more participants… My imagination is my great perdition, I think a thousand barbarities and I wish that what happens to my psyche, that which transforms me and makes me sick, becomes a reality. My downfall is wanting to live what I think with exactly the same intensity and giving myself the imagined pleasure.

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