This pose can only be advised to people who are in good health and who do not have problems to move like this, in the same way, ask a doctor before making any sudden or dangerous movement, all movements must be made , under its responsibility.

After all, if so far we have done nothing more than ignore her with our campaign of disinterest, how is she going to react to a sudden change in attitude for us? How will it respond if we suddenly try to create comfort, trust, and emotional connections? What sense should we suddenly show ourselves protective and begin to see signs of destiny in our encounter?

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In communication, the game can be very complete and varied, therefore, it does not correspond particularly to one of the three forms. However, it is of essential relevance since it reveals the degree of intimacy, that is, the degree of transparency of one member towards the other. As we know, the greater the degree of intimidation, the greater the degree of involvement of the opposites, and a greater number of opposites in the game. Generally, it is the primary support process in the psychotherapy methodology. The incessant and repeated practice of communication can result in a greater degree of intimidation, while also producing a greater degree of trust. As we know, the latter is a condition for privacy. The claims of a member of the couple for lack of communication, imply more lack of fear than lack of words. Communication is not an end in itself, it is a means to rehearse inner openness. The resistance to communication are, in reality, resistance to opening, generated by the fear of self-discovery. Communication in the couple gravitates around two spheres, one relating to sensitive definitions and the other relating to neutral issues. In the latter, feelings and emotions derived from the relationship are not compromised. In each and every stage of the life cycle of the couple's relationship there is an adequate calculation between the two spheres. In other words, to measure the proper balance of communication between the 2 possible spheres, it is necessary to take into account the corresponding stage in the life of the couple

Anyone can ask, but not everyone can answer

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Later I watched the video and it revealed something to me that I did not expect, something completely important … he did it for me … let me explain it: every take, everything that happened during those fifteen minutes was for me … I was there, in his head, in his psyche of A girl was there, I stopped paying attention to be attentive to make a video that I liked, that I could see everything that happened and if you take the time to understand it, you will understand that something interesting was happening, in her psyche she was approaching to me, it connected with my desires … did you ever think that while they are with you they think of another person? I knew that this had happened, I could not calculate how many times while I was with me I was thinking of him; Well, the opposite happened here, while I was with him I was thinking of myself. That is stealing land, that is recovering something that I took off for a long time and was mine.

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Another characteristic feature of self-help text is to give it away! I thought of you, it gave me the feeling that I could help you, I have not read it, but maybe it will help you. They are phrases with which the self-help text is wrapped as with a knot or with cellophane paper. It is a way of caring for the other without stressing them, without compromising them. A kind of not me who says it, puts it here….

Natural testosterone, sometimes called the hormone of desire, due to its powerful effect on libido, administered to women at one tenth of the dose used in men, can enhance their sexual desire and responsiveness. Here are the 6 indicators of testosterone deficiency in women, as recounted by Dr. Susan Rako on her blog The Hormone of Desire.

Prepare a different presentation for one of the games that I propose in this text. But don't do it anyway; Do it to achieve a specific emotion in the woman you approach. It doesn't matter what that emotion is: it can be laughter, curiosity, excitement, etc .; What comes to mind. But make it a good emotion for you, although you may want to start by causing disgust. In any case, this exercise is by no means easy. Once you have decided the emotion to generate, you can look for examples of movies, texts and songs that can recreate it. If you get it, you will have a lot of advance for the next steps of the league, which we will see from the following text.